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Our Core Values


We make the world a more comfortable place.


Furniture that enriches the health and wellness of people.


We know that good work is arduous. We think, strategize, and consult. We do, redo, and repeat as we seek to constantly improve our business. We meet deadlines. We believe and practice Situation + Response = Outcome (SRO).

Lifelong Learners

We passionately strive for personal, professional, and organizational growth. We take initiative and act in ways to better ourselves, others, and the company.

People Who Value Relationships

We conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity with customers, vendors, and with each other. We are respectful. We listen. We courageously speak up.


We move in the same direction with shared purpose. We stay focused, follow through, and finish what we start. We depend on each other, and we know that others are depending on us. We maintain a positive and happy culture.


We are resourceful, responsible, and open-minded. We focus on sales at all levels and positions in the organization. We are creative problem solvers who willingly assign ourselves extra work when we think it benefits the company.