Inventory Alert: DreamWave

With the successful launch of the new DreamWave M-Series we are beginning to gradually phase out the Classic model. Please stay tuned to stock status for updates regarding our stock situation of DreamWave Classic. As we slowly phase out Classic, please note that we will NOT be dropping UMAP. We will be phasing out and selling at regular price until the final units are sold.

As many of you already know, the M-Series worldwide launch has resulted in a great deal of demand from the USA and elsewhere around the world. Due to demand, orders placed today for M-Series models will be fulfilled in May or June. Dealers interested in flooring the M-Series should contact Ian Hays ( as soon as possible. More information regarding DreamWave M-Series stock will be available in the coming days.

Inventory Alert: Inada

Inada has discontinued Flex and Nest. The current on-hand inventory we have is the final remaining stock. We encourage dealers to place any needed POs as soon as possible as once we are out, we are out for good. Certain colors are already permanently out of stock.

We do have SOGNO V.3 units available for sale, and we are offering these to dealers at significant savings. For more information about this special buy opportunity, please reach out to Ian Hays.