Updates for M.8 – Kaizen process.

FFL has had an inspector at the factory reviewing the quality and cleanliness of the M8 production since the end of May 2019. The inspectors have been tasked with reviewing all product before it leaves the factory. This is a step we are taking to reduce the chances that customers will receive the product in okay or none working condition. 

  • Arm attachment has been made easier. Installing 1 arm will only require one person.  https://vimeo.com/345716661
    • This will be a running change applied to all future orders. If a PO is submitted today this change will be on the new chairs. PO584 and PO591 are the first containers orders with the new arms.
    • The change reduces the number of bolts from 8 per arm to 4 per arm. (This will happen after the manual gets updated.) Please make delivery teams aware of this.
    • Once the manual is updated there will be a bullet point on the FFL Service Bulletin
  • Hardware attachment bolts packaging has been improved and the factory will be checking for excess oil on T-wrench and bolts.
  • Excess grease on the massage mechanism rails has improved
    • Review the grease application and keep the grease on the gear surface and the inner frame surface. Clean the lubricant from the outside of the rail again after adding to the surface of the gear.
      Production line reviewer will be checking this during production inspection.
  • Missing screws/loose screws – FFL has an inspector at the factory inspecting the overall assembly and cleanliness of M.8 chairs. Chairs will be rejected, corrected, and reinspected before they are loaded into shipping boxes.
    • Accessory boxes are double checked for all included items.
    • Chairs are checked for any dirty marks that are possible while handling the chairs while loading.
  • Footrest imprint on the footrest – FFL has an inspector at the factory inspecting the process for chairs getting dismantled after testing and reviewing how they are loaded into shipping boxes.
    • The imprint will come out over time or with the use of a heat gun.
  • Airline to Shoulder Air Disconnected – Factory added a spring to an internal airline that supplies air to the shoulder and seat. It was possible that after adding the internal spring, the airline was not properly attached on the frame rail. This could cause the airline to become disconnected. The factory is now checking that the cable ties are holding the airlines in the proper location of the frame rail.