The holidays were an extremely busy time for us. As such there are several updates to items below. We wish to thank all of our dealers for their continued support. This year has already started off with a bang and we look forward to a busy and productive 2019.


Inventory Alert: Positive Posture Luma Lift Black and Dark Brown low stock

Positive Posture Luma Lift Black and Dark Brown chairs are both low in stock. We will see replenishment of these chairs next month. In the mean time stock will be very limited with outages expected.


Inventory Alert: Positive Posture Cafe Garnet out of stock

Cafe Garnet is out of stock until next month with Cafe Sand in low stock. However, Cafe Black and Dark Brown are in ample supply.


Inventory Alert: Flex 3s Black out of stock

We are now currently out of stock for Black Flex 3s chairs. We still have plenty of Dark Brown Flex 3s chairs.


Inventory Alert: Varier Variable Black Revive Fabric/Black Ash

Black Revive Fabric Variables with Black Ash wood are in low supply until next month. All other SKUs have ample supply.