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FFL Brands product spotlight: Brio

brio massage chair featuresSince it was first introduced in 2016, the Positive Posture Brio massage chair has changed the notion of what a massage chair can do. FFL Brands doesn’t just represent Positive Posture, we ARE Positive Posture. FFL Brands designed, manufactured, sells and offers the best service in the industry to stand behind our Positive Posture line of products. We spent over two years designing the Brio to provide maximum comfort, health benefit, and high design for all of its users. You’ll be able to tell your customers: “Settle into your Brio, escape, and make every day the most relaxed, healthiest day of your life.”

True zero-gravity recline, 4D rollers, L-track massage mechanism, back, calf, and foot heat, color LCD remote, and carefully choreographed sessions designed in Boulder, Colorado (the happiest city in the US according to National Geographic!) all come together to measure up to the best in the market. And at a price point many customers will consider worth investing in to enjoy in their own home. Do they pay for massages now? If so, the value proposition of having their own massage chair makes even more sense.

FFL Brands would like to partner with you to floor the Positive Posture Brio– as well as a select group of other chairs, including the Panasonic MAJ7 and DreamWave M-Series. Contact us at sales@fflbrands.comcreate new email to explore partnership opportunities to grow the health of both of our businesses with wellness solutions for a lifetime.
Add a new category of wellness products to your floor.

Develop a business solution with FFL Brands. Now you can floor the highest quality massage chairs with minimal risk. You’ll also benefit from superior customer service, protected dealer markets, sales training and marketing support. Then watch as incremental sales grow in a brand new category!

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