Brio Updates – 7/03/2019

  • Arm attaching bracket integrity – Factory has increased the thickness of the area where the arm bracket attaches to the plastic arm housing.
    • All POs from May 1st will have new spec arm thickness.
  • Brio Arm Popping Noise – Factory is increasing the seat side airline hole size 35mm to 65mm. The airline cable tie will no longer be obstructed by the plastic side of the arm. The update will be on all current productions.
    • Note: Older spec Brio with the arm popping when the seat side air cell inflates has a simple fix. Please see this resolution instructions by following this link to the File Camp Portal
  • Brio Cotter Pin on Seat Slide Rail – Factory has reduced the cotter pin size so that when the chair reclines back or upright there is no noise from the slide rails.
    • This has been used on PO613/614/616 and all new orders after July 1st.