Welcome to the new Stock Status! All updates regarding FFL brand (Inada, Positive Posture, Panasonic, and Varier) stock levels are now posted here. Please make sure to subscribe to this new Stock Status on the main page, to receive important email updates. The previous page will no longer be updated and you will have to subscribe to this new page to receive notifications. In addition to the new user friendly interface, Stock Status now features an ongoing promotions section, a link to our Dealer Portal, and links to all of our product pages!


As with the previous Stock Status, whenever there are changes in the stock level of products, a new blog post will be created to alert you of the update. The new Stock Status posts will only reflect changes in the stock levels of affected products or other pertinent information. Inventory alerts will remain in the blog posts until the content of the alert is no longer accurate. For questions regarding the stock levels of products not mentioned in the blog posts, you can visit the individual brand pages to see the current stock level of products.