Inventory Alert: Positive Posture Brio units are on the water!

Brio, The newest member of the FFL family is selling very well. Black Brios are still sold out but our next container is on the water! We expect an on time arrival and are pleased to resume delivery of Black Brio units at the end of the month. Dark Brown are still at risk but will also be seeing stock replenishment at the end of April.

We wish to thank all of our dealers for the trust you have placed in us to promote and sell our new Brio. We’re working furiously to get back into a healthy stock position. Stock Status will be updated regularly to keep you abreast changes in near realtime.

Inventory Alert: Dreamwave

For the next two months, Black Leather Dreamwaves will be low stock. Inventory levels can expect to return to normal in June. However, all other Dreamwaves are shipping without delays. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Exciting News!

Stock status is currently receiving a makeover! The new and improved Stock Status will be launched soon so stay tuned.


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Low Inventory

Shipping with no delays!

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Low Inventory

Shipping without delays


  • Cafe TZG Merona 100% Leather – Standard Back – PERMANENTLY SOLD OUT
  • Luma Merona 100% Leather – Standard Back – Black, Sand
    • Garnet, Dark Brown – PERMANENTLY SOLD OUT
  • Duke TZG Merona 100% Leather*
    • Standard Back – Black, Dark Brown, Sand
    • Tall Back – Black, Dark Brown, Sand – All colors low stock, please contact our order team before placing order.
  • Luma Lift – Standard Back – PERMANENTLY SOLD OUT
  • Duke Lift*
    • Standard Back – Black
      • Dark Brown – PERMANENTLY SOLD OUT
    • Tall Back –Black – Low stock, please contact our order team before placing order, 
      • Dark Brown – PERMANENTLY SOLD OUT
  • Toda Quadro
  • Toda Trio
 *UMAP Reduced effective 03/01/18 New pricing of $1999
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All products are shipping with no delays!
  • MA10 – Black
  • MA70 – Black, Ivory
  • MA73 – Black, Dark Brown
  • NEW!!!MAJ7 – Black, Dark Brown, and Beige

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All products are shipping with no delays!

  • Variable Natural Base
  • Variable Black Base
  • Move Natural Base
  • Peel Natural Base
  • Thatsit Natural Base
  • Gravity Natural Base

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