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Massage Chairs: A Case Study in Success

Recently we had the opportunity to sit down with one of our retail partners to learn a little more about what the FFL product line and team have done for his business.

Dustin Schmidt is the owner of an America’s Mattress located in Bismarck, North Dakota. He has been a partner of FFL Brands since 2016.

What value has FFL Brands brought to your retail location?

Dustin: “Doing business with FFL Brands, we’re not just buying a product, we’re in a partnership. When consumers find products online and contact FFL, they direct them to our store. Because their products are unique and not something available at every furniture store, consumers are willing to drive to experience them. We are located in rural North Dakota and having customers willing to drive from Fargo (3 hours) just to try the chair.”

All I have to do is get the customer in the chair, and it sells itself.

america's mattress
How has expanding your product categories helped your business?

“Adding massage chairs to our product selection has elevated our average ticket. FFL’s selection of chairs has allowed us to have a full line-up from $2,000 all the way up over $10,000. I have something for everyone. The new DreamWave M-Series will be a conversation piece for us, a total show stopper, I can’t wait to have that in my showroom!”

What would you tell fellow retailers about FFL Brands?

“If you are looking for product with minimal floor square footage, great margins, and something everyone wants to try, you’d be crazy not to bring these chairs into your store. Start with two chairs and go from there. I carry less expensive massage chairs, which I use to bring people in the door. Once I have them in the store and let them compare the products side to side, massage to massage, they always go for the top of the line chairs from FFL. All I have to do is get the customer in the chair and it sells itself.”

How is the relationship with FFL Brands?

“D (D’Ondre Black, Director of Sales) has been amazing for support. The friendship with the whole team from upper management to support staff is very important. It goes back to feeling more like a partnership and less like a nameless retailer. It’s not one thing, it is a whole package, and it’s been nothing but a positive experience. When you are working with good people and selling great products, everything just works out.”

When you are working with good people and selling good products, everything just works out.

Interested in adding wellness products to your floor?

Develop a business solution with FFL Brands to floor the highest quality massage chairs with minimal risk, superior customer service, protected dealer market share, sales training and marketing support, and watch your sales revenue grow!

Reach out to a member of our team for more information!