M.8 Rubbing noise on the massage mechanisms track. Research has found that the rub/squeak noise is caused by the massage mechanism not being balanced in the mechanism track. It is tested okay in the factory with no noise. After the user has used the chair for a short time the noise happens while the massage mechanism is moving up and down the track. The mechanism will not have any issues other than the noise.

  • Root Causes: The product is not handled properly during movement from the factory to end-user location. TImblanced power from the users back may cause the rail gear to be damaged.
  • Factory Solution: Testing various loads on the massage mechanism. Monitoring the installation of the massage mechanism so that it is being installed properly.
  • FFL Boulder, CO: Reviewing chair with heavy use to understand if this issue exists in the U.S. To-date zero complaints in the field or from Boulder, CO service technicians.
  • Infield Solution: Check and reinstall the massage mechanism with added lubrication video to the massage mechanism track. Roll massage mechanism using the manual “rolling” session.

M.8 Pillow Electrical Connection coming loose. Research found that the pillow connection to the main body would sometimes come loose.

  • Root Causes: Chair transit. Click noise not heard while installing at the factory. The connection becomes disconnected after some use.
  • Factory Solution: Factory is researching a better connector so this does not occur. The M8 Pillow Connection Update¬†will be added with PO641 and going forward until a better quality connector is located, tested, and installed.
  • FFL Boulder, CO: Same as factory solution. User can reconnect.
  • Infield Solution: Ask the technician to attached and add zip tie. This creates more friction on the connection so they do not pull apart. User can reconnect.

M.8 Packaging update. Wooden blocks are causing damage to the inside of the chair. Sometimes delivery agents are turning the chair on while in the box. This can also cause damage to the underside of the chair.

  • The factory is removing the blocks starting with PO667: Photo of Update
  • New floor of box will not have wooden blocks. It will be flat wood only. Please handle with care.

M.8 Bug. Width adjustment doesn’t work during manual rolling.

  • Investigation on which M.8s are affected. The current understanding is that all are affected.
  • Working to resolve the issue with no timeline for a fix and implementation.